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Comfortable and practical … the coolest keychain!
"In this section we offer a selection of casual and sportive or classic and elegant keyrings. Keyring is a unisex object, perfect to give to a man or woman, useful for keeping home or car keys. From leather keyrings precetti for him and her to keyholders in hi-tech materials as aluminum used in aeronautics and stainless steel, with laser-engraved logo. Keyrings are not only functional accessories, but also beautiful and able to finish an outfit. Discover here new ideas for your original gifts or to give yourself a new, useful and cute item!

Key Smart the revolution that comes from America
Key Smart is an American company from Chicago that features keychains that remind the famous Swiss army knife. In noble materials as aeronautical aluminum, stainless steel and titanium, Key Smart has created a new style of keyrings, accessories and components. Key Smart Extended is a new concept of keychain expandable as you like and lightweight. Functional and versatile, it is perfect for both men and women. You can keep it in your bag and trouser pockets, avoiding the annoying clinking of the classic keyring. Key Smart offers a wide range of accessories and small tools with a minimal and contemporary design to add to your keyring. Come and discover the Key Smart world and you will be pleasantly surprised!"

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