Calzaveste offers a wide selection of women and men brands, from footwear to accessories. You will find here everything you need to give new life to your wardrobe, from comfortable sneakers to shoes for a special occasion, from original bags to shiny bijoux. The brands of our selection are dedicated to contemporary women, attentive to fashion trends, and attentive to the dynamic man. We sell Spanish women’s brands as Xti and Maria Mare, which are able to combine trends and affordable prices, Calzaveste also offers the brand Les Tropéziennes, with a lot of practical summer sandals with an unmistakable style. In addition to Italian brands with an excellent price as Phil Gatier and Cerutti for women and Exton and Ferradino for men, in 2002 Calzaveste created its brand “4 Passi by Calzaveste”, footwear for women and men, created in Italy, exclusively for our customers. The “4 Passi by Calzaveste” brand is for young and refined woman, attentive not only to design, fashion and details, but also to the shops comfort. With shoes produced in Italy with local materials, Calzaveste helps to defend the environment and to safeguard the Made in Italy tradition of craftsmanship. Choose among the various brands the one that best suits your personality and your style!
Scarpe marchio 4 Passi by Calzaveste

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