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Crisple Miniwallet by Secrid is a compact wallet in genuine leather, provided with Cardprotector for 6 credit cards. The lever at the bottom will allow you to get your cards out in a simple and fluid way, thanks to a patented mechanism. Inside you can insert banknotes, receipts, business cards and even 4 additional cards. Lightweight (72 grams) and safe, it has an automatic button closure. The leather used is high quality, tanned in Europe, according to European laws, with maximum attention to the environment. The fine Saffiano embossing is durable, resistant to stains and scratches. This wallet is unisex, but in the brightest colors (green, royal blue, orange and yellow) it is fashionable and perfect for women’s bags! The taupe color has an incredible camo pattern inside, very trendy!

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Crisple Miniwallet presents a Cardprotector that protects the six cards from bending or breaking, and from unwanted wireless communication. Your contactless cards are protected by the anti-RFID system (Radio-Frequency Identification) and can not be readed. Inside the Cardprotector you can enter: 6 cards without numbers or letters in relief, or 4 cards in relief, or 5 cards, of which 3 in relief. In the wallet, you can add 4 cards and keep banknotes, business cards and receipts. Crisple is fashion and is created in Holland! Its leather has a deep color, stain-resistant and an elegant embossing. Even Crisple, as all Secrid, has printed a serial number in the upper part, which is the certificate of authenticity and also the history of that piece. It indicates when and where it was manufactured, who assembled it and tested it, and where it was sold. When you come into possession of your Secrid, you can register on the company website: the code will be connected to the user and you will also have a third year warranty on the product.


  • Credit card holder in genuine full-grain leather of European origin, produced in the Netherlands
  • Material: solid aluminum, genuine leather
  • Automatic button closure
  • Length 10.2 cm
  • Width 6.5 cm
  • Thickness 2.1 cm
  • Designed and produced in the Netherlands

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